A big fan of contemporary design, Palazzo adores it. makes a dense cloud of opulence and delight through overlapping tones. It’s a visual and tactile delight in one. Learn more about Palazzo’s tonal world, with its matte and glossy balancing act that yields high pleasures in a variety of color schemes.

Spring’s moss greens and blues are softened by the modern gray. It gives us great joy to serve you by producing for you. Engineers of the highest caliber shaped the world of pleasure that palazzo colorists crafted for you. The Palazzo’s contemporary reimaginings of illustrious traditions
PALAZZO, Palazzo Fabric | Palazzo Editeur


Colorists at the Palazzo will make you a world of infinite shades. The colors embrace one another, bringing their personalities into the spaces they decorate. Those looking to bring the dark magnificence of Caravaggio paintings into their living spaces opted for warmer tones, while those in love with modern technology opted for colder pastels. Whether you prefer a more modern or traditional color palette, the Renaissance is here, and so are you!

PALAZZO, Palazzo Fabric | Palazzo Editeur


Palazzo’s freeing textural options for furniture makers

Woven together with sturdy folds and attractive details…
The engineering expertise we have at our disposal gives us the ability to provide furniture designers with a wide range of options.